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On the evening of the 19th April Terroir Milan became a place of gathering and multidisciplinary senses. Since 2017 Terroir sets the framework for products carefully made by people respecting raw materials and the land that nurtures them. Selected by Terroir to pair this experience are wine producer I Cacciagalli cultivating on volcanic subsoil and Jonathan Nossiter´s La Lupa Volcanic Garden growing tomatoes near lake Bolsena.
For this collaboration the Mexican chocolate manufacturer Cuna de Piedra developed a stone chocolate, focusing on texture and ancient Mexican ingredients. This porous and lightweight chocolate was inspired by Ambra Toba collection. Injecting Nitrous oxide into bean-to-bar chocolate it explores the organic development of pores.

To emulate the diverse composition that Ambra Toba gathers from Mexican soil, Cuna de Piedra added ingredients such as lean cacao debris, heirloom hibiscus flower, smoked heirloom chile and ancient spring salt. All from different areas of Mexico. Ambra Toba chocolate combines flavors that are only possible thanks to their terroir. A coincidence of soil, climate, geographical location, people, but above all, time.