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Meta Parallel 142

25,900 MXN
incl. IVA, excl. shipping

€ 1.550
excl. VAT, excl. shipping

USD 1.900
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Meta parallel are light sculptures that create a displacement of volcanic rocks suspended in space. The collection is both aesthetically bold and poetic at the same time, exploring the relationship between the beauty of geometry and the roughness of the rocks. An unexpected balance combines the porosity of the stones and the industrial process. Every single object is shaped by an abstract visual concept and composed of elegant symmetry.

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Lead time

6 - 9 weeks

Handcrafted in


Light source

Incl. 2x 7W LED COB total 1200lm 90CRI 2700K
warm white TRIAC dimmable


110V / 240V


400cm PVC black / extentions on request


Volcanic rock and powder coated black

Available finishes

Fiorito and brass
Fiorito and powder coated white
special finish on request MOQ 10pc



Collection Variants



Meta Parallel collection was created with the purpose of combining its forms to create sophisticated arrangements. Here we have a couple of proposals for you.

Meta Parallel black arrangement 04

Meta Parallel black arrangement 05

Meta Parallel black arrangement 06

Meta Parallel black arrangement 09

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Meta Parallel black collection


Meta Parallel brass collection


Meta Parallel white collection


Milan Alcova 2022


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