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Filming Processes
of Intangible Age and
History of the Material
Collaboration 09
by Wolf Lass

When exploring and filming the processes behind the collection‘s stone pieces, my awe for the intangible age and history of the material subconsciously translated through my hands into the medium. The way of assembling these gathered videos was inspired by the texture of Volcanic Toba, consisting of numerous small bits and pieces embedded into a larger mass, which ultimately gives the stone a recognisable color.
In a world of information overflow, Austrian filmmaker Wolf Lass sees the most virtuous role for online video content in creatively answering open questions instead of bombarding the audience with just another statement. Always following the principle that a good story must be found, and cannot be created, he documented where Ambra Toba comes from, the collaboration with UNAM and everything around the events during Milan Design Week. Having embarked on his self-taught journey with the medium during an internship with studio davidpompa in 2018, Wolf Lass continues his explorations by entering film school this year.