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A shear (impossible) scent
another chapter of the
olfactory narrative
Collaboration 006
by Philipp Kolmann
In geology, shear is the response of a rock to deformation usually by compressive stress and forms particular textures.
One can only imagine of what the transformative years of ‘cantera’, 1,000,000 years ago might have smelled, how does its environment smelled?

Little data, even less evidence can tell us what smells are connected to a time with little organic life on earth. Out of question, plenty of smells and other physical conditions have been responsible bringing forth ‘name of the rock’.
Heat and forces beyond our imagination. Yet imagination it is that allows us to remind us of our bodily existence and connect us to time and space. Smell and taste binding us to this world, present, past and future like no other of our senses can.

With this year’s contribution to Studio davidpompas exhibition in Milan 2023 Philipp Kolmann created a scent that shall remind us of the forces of nature, bringing forth the unique constellation of colour and haptics in “name of the product/rock’
Further shall give the new line products an embodied title, a face of scent inspired by the brutal transformation of earth. Evoking heat, minerals melting together. A fusion of scents such as Lichens, some of the oldest species that could have been spectators of the great geological transformations speaking of. Spices of warmth and repulsion, opening our nostrils with blast of resinous and Smokey undertones.

A reminder of lands that have once been, merging into a new narrative that connects us to the process of creation, from the sheer forces of the land to forces of studio davidpompas imagination – ‘name of the product’ was born.

Paper incense was created in intensifying this collaboration, introducing us of yet another chapter in the archives of studio davidpompa.
About Philipp Kolmann
Together with an array of multispecies collaborators, he co-develops sensorial experiences, services and products that embody the symbiotic relations between people and land.
Utilizing flavour and scent as mediums to recultivate a sense of coexistence and strengthen our connection to the places we inhabit.