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Ambra Mechanical Pencil

Collaboration 004
by Numen
A collaboration between studio davidpompa and Numen. An aluminum heavy body mechanical pencil with its penholder inspired in a geologist's equipment for field research. An object designed to outstand time, robust, and consequently, the design prioritizes resilience and durability. The combination of metal and cantera stone reflects the several parts of the Ambra collection, alluding its materials.
Ambra mechanical pencil was developed in a limited edition of 40 pieces for Studio davidpompa sociedad volcánica exhibition / ART WEEK MEXICO 24.


A very malleable material that allows industrial machining, creating objects with quality and beauty. This mechanical pencil has a matte satin finish.

Kaweco Mechanical Parts:
The clutch mechanism is from Kaweco, a German pen brand producing high-quality writing instruments since 1883. The mechanical pencil uses 2 mm mines.

White Cantera:
Mexican -Toba volcánica- stone consists of minerals, glass and volcanic debris ejected one million years ago. Rich in color and texture, the material allows a very detailed carving.

About Numen Design
"We celebrate creation by designing daily objects with high quality, aesthetics sensitivity and functionality created to last over time.
Numen is the result of a romantic obsession with the collection of traditional writing tools.
We unveil our first collection of stationery accessories, designed for those who, oblivious to technology, have made a habit of creating, conceiving ideas, writing notes and documenting their thoughts."