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Collaboration 002
by Cuna de Piedra
Inspired by the enigmatic beauty of geological formations of Cantera Blanca, CUNA DE PIEDRA has woven together visual and culinary elements. The artwork's genesis lies in a profound appreciation for Studio Davidpompa’s objects, translating the raw, primal essence of volcanic stone into an edible form.

Our palette comprises ground ingredients such as cacao from Chiapas, epazote powder, and sun-dried capulín berries from Veracruz . These Mexican-origin elements, meticulously chosen for their qualities, contribute to the creation of intricate textures within the chocolate. The dust and debris of these elements, when combined with the velvety embrace of white chocolate, gives rise to a harmonious interplay of forms and taste.

Ingredients: Cacao butter, Cane Sugar, Milk powder, Cacao beans, Sunflower lecithin, Natural vanilla powder, Dried capulín berry, Activated charcoal, Epazote, Spring salt.
About Cuna de Piedra
When we think of Cuna de Piedra, we do it dreaming, and believing in the present tense. Everything that is already Mexican cacao is here, within reach of our hands, thanks to the hands of those who work it. Cocao is already incredibly rich, valuable, and versatile. It is not necessary to think so much, Cuna de Piedra is a tribute to this ancient seed, and that is why we want to bring it closer to you. For us, honoring and exalting chocolate is also learning from our environment; of the history, traditions, and processes that are generated in our country.

Behind each Cuna de Piedra chocolate bar, there is extensive research into each of the ingredients that make it up. Finding suppliers and ingredients that do justice to the creation of this ancient food has been our purpose since this project began. Made and developed in Mexico, we are honored to work with Mexican ingredients with high historical and cultural value.