hielo handmade pottery by Uriarte Talavera
pendant lamp

Hielo is the first object to combine Talavera pattery and state of the art lighting technology and is therefore an excellent example of modernity in Mexican craftsmanship. Each Talavera shade is made 100% handmade and painted with the "132 Virrey" pattern by Puebla artisans. The thin built-in LED panel is covered with a structured surface to generate a perfect light distribution in a soft directional beam.

item No. TA005-vi size Ø 9cm x 31cm
Ø 3,5" x 12,2"
weight 2,5 kg
5,5 lb
illuminant 1x 5W LED incl. 3000K
400 lm not dimmable
cable PVC transparent 200cm / 79"
extensions on request
materials handmade pottery
hand-painted pattern "132 Virrey"
glass crystal
chromed metal
in colaboration Uriarte Talavera
customized chandeliers

Talavera is considered as premium quality pottery in Mexico and also other parts of the world. Talavera pottery has its origins in Puebla, a city in Mexico and is known for ...