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Meta Parallel brass 140

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Meta Parallel brass
The sculptures present different dialogues that combine a characterful and poetic language. Perfectly balanced heaviness of elements proportionally centred by elongated brass surfaces.

Carved into cylindrical shapes two stones are facing in same or different planes, bridged by elongated metal sheets. The collection is both aesthetically bold and poetic at the same time, exploring the relationship between the beauty of geometry and the roughness of the rocks. After presenting several single objects with diverse Mexican materials this series of light sculptures is the first large scale series by the studio. A relationship between textures plays with a surprising material combination of fiorito and brass.

An unexpected balance combines the porosity of the stones and the industrial process. The result is a warm atmosphere in a sculptural dimension, suspended by thin black cables. The metal pieces bring the stones into several layers and centres, the core of the collection’s aesthetics. Every single object is shaped by an abstract visual concept and composed of elegant symmetry. Through the aligned metal sheets, the objects have the ability to convey both light and shadow at the same time.

Meta Parallel black collection


Meta Parallel brass collection


The Quarry


Milan Alcova 2022