cometa Handmade "Barro Negro" black pottery pendant lamp with polished copper

COMETA creates the feeling of a new delicate aesthetic.

A closer look reveals that COMETA is more than just simple and modern but elegant because of flawless craft manufacturing. For all who know how to appreciate the refinement that lies in the detail. We have made it our mission, to reveal the natural beauty of Barro Negro with its unique shine that comes out to its best by the simplicity of the object. This pendant lamp is encompassing our passion to re-invent the folkloric perception of Barro Negro that is anchored in the minds of people. The LED spot in this slim tubular shape delivers a dramatic light effect and gives targeted concentrated illumination.

item No. BN741 size Ø 4,5cm x 29cm
Ø 1,7" x 11,4"
weight 0,5 kg
1,1 lb
illuminant incl. 1x 3W G9 LED
not dimmable
use only LED
cable PVC black 200cm / 79”
extensions on request
material shade Barro Negro / black pottery finish options polished copper
special finish on request
customized chandeliers

Barro Negro is a special pottery from San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca characterized by its black colour. Just in this area the special clay is found for the production. The magic behind this material ...