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CAN Barro Negro / black pottery
pendant lamp

The exquisite form and smooth finish accentuates the elegance of Barro Negro. The tubular shape with its flawless edged terrace combines heritage and tradition with a modern twist. The designer´s brand new approach to artisanry has developed a contemporary form language. CAN is a decorative object on its own, but looks even more thrilling when switched on.

item No. BN73 size Ø 6cm x 12,2cm
Ø 2,3" x 4,8"
weight 0,5 kg
1,1 lb
illuminant incl. 1x 5W GU10 LED 2700K
400lm not dimmable
cable PVC black 200cm / 79"
extensions on request
material shade Barro Negro / black pottery
Barro Negro is a special pottery from San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca characterized by its black colour. Just in this area the special clay is found for the production. The magic behind this material ...