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Vidrio soplado

The entire handmade process is carried
out by skilled artisans.

Every piece of our recycled handblown glass is handmade, creating optical distortions in the surface that are an integral part of the material’s charm. The most distinctive characteristic of this glass are its small bubbles created during the melting process when air gets trapped within the liquid substance. This, together with the minor surface irregularities, work together to create a transparency that plays with light, mirroring not only the glass itself, but creating new compositions of miniature reflections through its texture, enriching any light that shines through, becoming echoes of shine full of character. Handblown glass is a process that requires high temperatures, around 1600ºC. At these temperatures the glass melts, turning into a viscous and crystalline substance of a bright orange color. With a previously warmed cylindrical tube, the melted glass is taken from the oven. A spherical shape is then created on top of a steel sheet. This is the moment where the artisan blows through the pipe forming an air bubble into the molten glass. The piece is then given its final form. When necessary, the glass is reheated to maintain the ideal temperature for blowing. After the form is finalized, the glass is placed in a furnace, where the piece slowly cools down for a few hours or even days. The entire handmade process is carried out by skilled artisans.



Handblown glass pendant lamp


Trufa table

Handblown glass table lamp


Trufa wall

Handblown glass wall lamp