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Studio davidpompa’s first installation of 2023 will take place during Mexico City Art Week. TRUFA NIGHTS will be exhibit during 12 nights opening at DUSK until 10:00pm.

The installation decontextualizes the process of recycled handblown glass, creating an overlapping contemporary scenario. Transparencies, metals, glass and light will set the framework for the Trufa´s relaunch. Contrasting the studio´s latest collection against dozens of black waste bags, a dialogue on cycles, process and transformation will take place for the night-time observant.

Following the material scent collection, the collaboration with Philipp Kolmann will transform the recycled handblown glass process into an olfactory experience.

We are looking forward to welcome you to our recycled landscape on the echoes of melting glass and the hues of its process. Please register in order to attend the installation.

Decontextualization of the hand-blown recycled glass process overlapped against a contemporary melting surface.

After 8 years, the story continues with an aesthetic redefinition