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Design House Mexico 2023

During Design Week Mexico 2023 the 15th edition of Design House took place. Well known architecture and interior design studios came together to create contemporary spaces in all possible aesthethic scenarios. The different rooms embrace the beauty layering colors and textures between light and shadows in dimention. Several pieces of our collection added their own character to the settings. Hereby our visual highlight, uur shown pieces are: Cupallo chrome, Origo floor black, Origo wall black, Meta Parallel Brass, Meta Parallel black, Trufa pendant, Trufa wall, Palma ochre, and Ambra wall, Ambra pendant double. The spaces with our collection were designed by the following studios: Studioroca, Estudio Claudina Flores, Mood Estudio, ASHO + Breuer M.A Estudio, Atelier Zuñiga López, Gerardo García Arquitectura.

Interior: Estudio Claudina Flores
Espacio: Recámara 1

Interior: Mood Estudio
Espacio: Terraza

Interior: Atelier Zuñiga López
Espacio: Jardín Lateral

Interior: Mob + M.A Estudio
Espacio: Invernadero

Interior: Espacio Tangible
Espacio: Spa

Espacio: Comedor

Interior: ASHŌ + Breuer
Espacio: Bar PB