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Back in Milan!
Presenting Magmatic Parallelism exhibition. A sky blue installation of light sculptures through a scenography of deconstructed volcanic rock displacements.

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Embracing the industrial blue tiles of the space, the installation reinforces the site specific tone by creating a backdrop where blueness takes over the floor and narrow pedestals, in contrast with the floating dark objects. The central pieces of the exhibition are light sculptures of parallel stones arranged on aligned metal sheets that

challenge the material’s nature. Both vertical and horizontal elongated pieces suspend against the monochromatic space, creating a volcanic landscape of hanging rocks. Studio davidpompa brings its signature into the physical space, setting materials into focus by exploring the deconstruction of volcanic events.


Meta Parallel black collection


Meta Parallel brass collection


The Quarry


Milan Alcova 2022


Different pedestals display atypical stone objects, lined up and arising into a new perspective, though a parallel process. By giving the visitor an experience of lava solidification and of the production process of the pieces, the visitors is left visualizing

the connection between what they sense and the aesthetics of the object. The space is part of Alcova 2022 at Via Simone Saint Bon in Milan as part of Fuorisalone.

If you want to get to know more about the collection presented

Meta Parallel Collection

The new light sculptures will create a displacement of volcanic rocks suspended in space. Carved into cylindrical shapes the stones can be vertical or horizontal, bridged by elongated or aligned metal sheets.

The collection is both aesthetically bold and poetic at the same time, exploring the relationship between the beauty of geometry and the roughness of the rocks.

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