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Creating an honest collection that stands over time

Studio davidpompa creates unique objects with a strong commitment to materials rooted within Mexican culture. A collective work of creative people, developing a unique visual language. Based in the heart of Mexico City in la Roma Norte neighborhood, the studio is on a constant journey to discover new aspects of craftsmanship and materiality.

The pieces study the interaction between crafts and visual language, each of them reflecting a new chapter of the studio’s story. The collection is shaped by a timeless aesthetic that is translated into forms and natural finishes, enhanced by light. A commitment to create objects of high quality, both strongly tactile and beautifully crafted.

We love to challenge materials and to unwrap their intriguing nature, showing the beauty of imperfection. Developing original objects with an honest and bold character drives us.

As a brand. Our aim is to have a deeper understanding of our history, expressed in the transformation of materials to a collection that stands over time. We are motivated by strong personal relationships with the most talented people, exchanging knowledge within various disciplines, using design as a conversation. For us, having transparency in our work and every step of our production is essential. As a team we share a meaningful purpose and thrive to work within an exciting environment.

Studio davidpompa is a young international team, based both in Mexico and Austria. A group of motivated professionals who grow through cultural exchange and new perspectives, a constant journey. Our team is our company’s key value. As a group of designers, engineers and makers, we are passionate about working interdisciplinarily. We are inspired by curiosity and strive for the highest quality as well as the greatest aesthetics. We are driven by problem solving, questioning ourselves what comes next. Our studio is a space for exchange of life and professional experiences. Research and exploration of new techniques and materials are our basis to exponentiate new ideas and acquire knowledge.

David Pompa — Both Austrian and Mexican, he studied a master in product design at Kingston Univesity in London. In 2008 he founded studio davidpompa. His fascination for Mexican materials started in 2009 in Oaxaca, this was the first contact David had with Barro Negro. These experiments with black clay led to our first collection in 2013. The same year the first showroom in Roma Norte, in the heart of Mexico City, was opened. Always intrigued about Mexican culture, his quest for new forms and materials continues together with his passion for a collective work with a young creative team.

Materials are the origin of our work. Their essence is what inspires our collections. We seek to enhance their imperfections, beauty, elegance and sophistication by creating unique objects. An experience involving shades, colors, roughness, textures, transparency, reflections, warmth, lightness, subtlety, balance and contrast. Starting with an investigation of historical materials, we bring them into a new context by rethinking their aesthetics. Our collections cherish the experience of craft and reinforce the value of materials. We are intrigued by the magic that occurs when combining traditional materials with new techniques and contemporary ideas. Each material brings new knowledge to our studio, enriching our processes and methods. Our materials range from black clay to Talavera ceramic, handblown recycled glass, brass, copper, onyx, and volcanic stones.